In case of data loss, the conventional backup services offer insurance. Though, practically, it is never tested how reliable is the data on peripheral media. The brilliant range of Backup and Business Continuity products and solutions that we provide helps you to eradicate the insecurity about Business Continuity:

  • Retrieval Server
  • Re-establish secured off-site Backup
  • Full guarantee of Email Permanence

Retrieval Server

The Retrieval Server of NBTINC works as the only backup and disaster recovery solution which provides immediate on-site and off-site virtual reclamation. Confirmation of backup storage through screenshots intelligent business continuation all from one simple management interface are the two most important tools of Retrieval Server:

  •  Off-Site Backup
  • On-Site Backup
  • Immediate On-Site Virtualization reclamation
  • Instant Off-Site Virtualisation recovery
  • UK Based Tech Support and information Centres
  • All data is secured by AES 256 encryption
  • Simple Metal Restoration
  • Progressive File Level Restoring
  • Screenshot Backup Confirmation

Re-establish secured off-site Backup

In line with ISO/IEC 17799 data safety management approvals, RestoreSafe offers an expedient, vigorous and inexpensive solution for both the minor and major businesses.Numerous copies of the data and information are held at various places which deliver maximum security and flexibility.

The main advantages of RestoreSafe consists of:

  • All information are safe and secured
  • A completely managed, automatic method
  • Swift data veracity analysis
  • A solo, central initiative backup
  • Vigorous data recovery in case of emergency

Email Continuation

NBTINC offers Email Permanence services which can ensure the continuity of email without involving the complex and costly hardware and software solutions. The employers don’t want any hindrance during their work and want to restore their connection as soon as possible. This is the main reason of finding a way out to keep the email running. In NBTINC,we offer a set of Email Continuity services with a good infrastructure, which can lessen your retrieval time and at a reasonable price and without the complexity.

  • Accession of email at the actual time during outages through web-based desktop apps and mobile apps
  • Continuity management offers comprehensive regulation of failover events and outage