Every business, whether growing or not, needs a good and trustworthy connection service.The proper bandwidth and the continuation of the service are the two factors which make the connectivity reliable.

To search and access various internet services and resources, fast internet connections are very necessary. It is crucial to fulfil clients’ demands and also important for your business to adapt in always changing atmosphere. These are our following protocols:

    • Ethernet
    • Business class DSL (ADSL2+, FTTC)
    • MPLS
    • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Ethernet delivers the uppermost levels of connectivity that is necessary for any kind and size of business organizations, with a need of connectivity bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

Business class DSL

It is quite trustworthy and stable and offers the common broadband speed connection. The download speed it provides is 80Mb and the upload speed is 20Mb. Its unique fibre broadband service options provide the services needed to support VoIP and video conferencing or other high bandwidth services.


It is important for multi-site businesses and offers consistent bandwidth and definite services and also links up the head office and the branch offices and also the retail outlets with the help of Chip & PIN, EPOS and stock control and management systems like ERP.

The safe and amalgamated voice, video and data services of WAN solution of MPLS IVPN helps to relate the businesses that function across a wide geographical domain.

Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet First Mile or EFM is the service which offers an affordable solution to provide the connectivity that is needed to deliver voice and data services to businesses which cannot afford full fibre Ethernet. It is faster than SDSL, broadband, low end Ethernet and leased line. It uses copper pair Ethernet which links to the main network.

This is the connection service which connects the traditional broadband and the Ethernet over copper and offer business grade services for VoIP and cloud services. This service provides 10 or 20 mbps for upload and download speeds where business services are prioritised over residential services. This enables a huge amount of data to move within the cloud periphery service to other internet related locations in a fast speed.