A completely assimilated online office structure which you can take anywhere at any time. A business requires more effort than a simple office work. With the help of the internet, accessing other trading companies through emails, files and data and creating a field and market becomes much easier.

For the progress of your business and to increase the domain and reputation of your company, you and your employees require to converse and cooperate on vital projects and assignments with numerous companies located in various cities and in different countries. Moreover, your data and official documents are assets to you which you need to keep safe always.

A Virtual Office infrastructure can give you all these opportunities to do these tasks quite successfully and proficiently. You can also get a chance to improve your presentation whether traveling by public transport or from the comfort of your home.

The crucial modules of a virtual office

Before setting up your virtual office, it is important to make sure that the cloud services can be disposed. We, the team of NBTINC, help you to support and construct your business and organization by virtualizing everything you require and demand with the help of some procedures, such as-

A virtual setup of cohesive cloud based services

Customizing your virtual office with the help of the proper platform with all the outlines, frameworks, presentations, records and databases and advancement enable you to carry on your business in a hassle-free manner within the periphery of cloud. Each and every software performs particular task to fulfil the clients’ demands. Microsoft Azure provides assimilation of software for CRM, bookkeeping, accounting, storing services and much more.

Application accessibility 24×7

Sustaining the efficiency of the employees by giving them the ability to access the tools in a full-fledged manner. The complete application package of Office 365, helps the employees to generate, share, finish and cooperate the assignments and projects all the time from any place like home, office or at the way. It also offers the staffs a cost-per-user basis access too.

No disruption in email

Emails are the important part of your business, which you have to access without any interruption. Mimecast ensures the continuation of email services in both desktop and mobile, so that you don’t face any kind of problem for that and that too without the costly hardware or software solutions.

All-in-one digital communications

To communicate with the business across the country, you require a system which can help you to do so. The Voice over internet Protocol or VOIP fulfil this demand and enables you to hold online meetings.

Full safety system

As your data, emails and documents all are stored within the cloud service, it is important to ensure that your virtual office is secured from any kind of ruptures. Cisco Meraki guarantee you to take the control of your network safety and McAfee prevent viruses and malware from hampering your devices.

The hassle-free system

Our backup and disaster recovery solution uses Datto technology, which enables full access to your virtual office, even in the emergency and keeps all the backups of your data.

Reorganization of your business procedure

With the help of the technical professionals of NBTINC, we can use the cloud software solutions to fulfil the business demands. We try to fix it by recognizing the problems and implement the virtual procedures that can renovate your business.

For further details, contact us in (mobile number), fill the form located on the right side of the website or send us emails to know our techniques of creating virtual office for you by rationalizing your business and by decreasing the expenses.