Microsoft has already out casted the free security updates from all the versions of Windows Server 2003. So, if you are still using it, you need to follow certain strategies to implement the migration in order to secure your IT services.

To accomplish solid benefits like developing the growth and performance of your business, improving velocity of response of your organization and diminishing maintenance needs, you require to migrate.


  • Perceiving all the business issues active on the portfolio.
  • Which applications are mounted on what servers
  • Knowledge of the points to begin the relocation of the applications
  • Appreciating the influencers on the target platform


How It Works  

NBTINC will discover and analyze the applications installed on the domain Server 2003, for leveraging an obligatory toolset or a third Party Partner toolset. With the growth of the business, it becomes the usage of the applications delivering data for justification.


Assessing and evaluating each and every Business & Technical influencers which are acting upon the portfolio to cultivate a Decision Matrix through a combined procedure is the way of NBTINC to offer an accurate appliance to Forward Path each application.


With the leverage of the Decision Matrix, NBTINC will assess all the applications and deliver a Forward Path Endorsement for the platform they have targeted which will be apt for the business needs.


The professionals of NBTINC will prepare proper planning by collaborating with the obligatory teams in order to migrate the in-scope applications to the targeted platforms to leverage the services.