24/7 remote monitoring is very much essential in order to have a good network management.With the birth of any new technology, abusers of this technology are born. They need not be hackers or malicious intruders. Actually, they may as well be members of the legitimate group of network users but have used the network for causes other than those originally entailed by the owning company, organization or entity.


Our remote monitoring device in equipped with alert system which looks after the security of thousands of hardware and software. This service is provided 24 X 7. Remote monitoring ensure the security of your servers, computers and other network devices. We also provide site visits in case of physical intervention.



  • handle and correlate between the different network events that occur from its different devices 24 X7.
  • audit and regulate various risk management requirements.
  •  Centralized network management facility


Services we offer:

  • 24 X7 remote monitoring support
  • Less downtime and more productivity