The Data Discovery service for Microsoft Office of NBTINC helps in understanding the perplexity and durability of moving to Office 365, 2010 or 2013 and also enables you to realize which files required to be amended and the amount of time and charge it will take, along with a comprehensive view of rationalization of the business for the project and of the relocation plan.

With the help of Office migration tools, you can evaluate your entire Microsoft Office environment and a detailed report of the files, which usually are password-protected and consists of a VBA code or links and charts, help you in picking up the ones which require rectification.


  • Generating a thorough MS Office migration strategy
  • Establishing the business case for relocating to MS Office 365 2010 or 2013
  • Creating a proper budget and schedule of your MS Office migration

How It Works


NBTINC will discover and analyze the  entire collection of Office file in the specific zone for potential Compatibility references,without interfering with the users.


NBTINC will provide a detailed report on every Office File,in the specific zone of operation:-

  1. Files that are encoded,
  2. Files that contain VBA Code (Not Applicable for Office 365)
  3. Files that contain Links or Charts
  4. The Age of Files
  5. Recommended Rectification in each case


Workshops will be conducted to analyse,the assessments,and determine the Cost,and the time implications of the Rectification procedures to be conducted,and eventually set up an ideal business strategy and plan for relocation.