Get your back up as quick as possible

The documents and information are the essential things you need to run your business. Having a complete on-site backup is not enough. You have to safeguard your datto from all kinds of emergency and crisis problems. NBTINC’s advanced Recovery Server solution helps you to do so.

The traditional backup solutions available in the market, provide a complete and protected back up storage including the copy of all your files and datto to a server location on-site. But if your IT system creates problem for your business activities, then you need more protection for that. It is important to access your servers every time.

The Retrieval Server of NBTINC uses technology from Datto to provide a comprehensive and rapid recovery of all data, information, files and helps the organization to accomplish the goal in an extremely competent and cost-efficient manner. Datto is one of the famous and well-known specialists in backup and disaster recovery or BDR.

Datto disaster recovery and backup solution promise a full retrieval of the data and information of your business from the IT crisis and emergencies. As NBTINC has collaborated with Datto, we can evaluate, recommend and implement the best reclamation and backup package for any business across Buckinghamshire and the UK. Some of the salient features are-

  • On-site virtualization- Backing up your entire server system in every 15 minutes to assure the continuation of business, virtual server platform reestablishment and minimum data loss
  • Off-site virtualization- The safe data storage system and the capability of recreating networks and associating users distantly helps you to achieve your aim in a tension-free way
  • A contrary backup series- Upholding a full, uninterrupted backup service and maximizing the storage space at the same time
  • Screenshot verification- Guarantee you that the backup process is properly accomplished and confirming that all files can be fully booted, restored and active quickly
  •  An easy to use interface with immediate retrieval and less business interruption